Mission Monthly – July 1997

“Most persons are indifferent towards their most sacred duties concerning their deceased parents, brothers and sisters, owing to their ignorance of the importance and necessity of the Church's holy memorial services… [those who pray them] are richly rewarded by God for their benevolent act for the dead, and for their prayers to God for the … [Read more…]

Mission Monthly – June 1997

“For the divine scriptures are a treasury of all manner of medicines, so that whether it be needful to quench pride, to lull desire to sleep, to tread under foot the love of money, to despise pain, to inspire confidence, to gain patience, in them one may find abundant resource.” St. John Chrysostom I am … [Read more…]

Mission Monthly – May 1997

“I love to pray in God’s Church, especially in the sanctuary near the altar because then I change miraculously through God’s grace; during the prayers of repentance and moments of tender emotion my soul sheds its thorns and chains of passions and I feel elated; all the fascination and charm of passions disappear; it is … [Read more…]