Church Ministries



Church School religious education is held weekly for children from 4 years old through 8th-9th grade, on Sunday from 9:00am to 9:45am, prior to Divine Liturgy (see calendar for dates). Church School is held from October through May and recesses around our Lord’s Nativity, Pascha, and during the summer months.  There is also an adult education class which meets on Saturday at 6:00pm, following Great Vespers. We encourage the parents of our church school children to attend this class, as well as our high school age students and all other adults.


The men of the parish meet once per month in a member’s home for food, fellowship and a discussion led by the priest or another church leader. The men’s fellowship also helps coordinate church work days in the summer to maintain the church property.


This is a group of men and women appointed by the priest and elected by the general membership of the parish to oversee the ministries and business of the church for the good of the community.  Appointed ministries include: Financial, Administrative, Music, Youth, Church Education, Men’s & Women’s Fellowship, Altar Service and Outreach.  The members of the Parish Council must be stewards in good standing and ecclesiastically in order.  Parish Council meetings are currently held monthly (see calendar).


While the Society of Orthodox Youth Organizations (SOYO) is for all young people of our church ages 13 through 19, there has been a movement within the St. Ignatius parish to nurture the relationship of our children specifically between the ages of 10 and 18.  As an outgrowth of our Diocesan Summer Camp, Camp St. George, a “youth fellowship” is being developed with regular monthly activities, i.e. One Sunday a month following Divine Liturgy the youth fellowship will have a topical discussion, another Sunday they will clean up for the parish following coffee hour, another Sunday the older children will plan and hold activities for our younger children (9 and below).  The Fellowship will also have other special occasions throughout the month as time and leadership alllow.  Teen SOYO will be part of this larger group and will will have a unique identity for meeting the more mature needs of teenagers.  It is our hope in time to have our youth fellowship more involved with the Diocese and Archdiocese.


The Myrrhbearers are a group of women over the age of 18 who are spiritually centered and value friendship, family and church community.  They are among the most active groups in the Parish and concentrate on enriching Orthodoxy in our homes while building a network of supportive friendships. Meetings are held periodically (see calendar) and there is an annual pre-Lenten retreat.