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Letter on the Feast of the Dormition from His Eminence DEMETRIOS, Archbishop of America

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we celebrate this blessed Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos, “in radiant joy with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs together with the angels and the apostles,” we give thanks to God for the revelation of His abundant grace and glorious power through the life and witness of the Virgin Mary.  In our commemoration of her and the holiness of her life and service, we are reminded of the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, All things are possible to the one who believes. (Mark 9:23).

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Reflections on the Dormition of the Mother of God

Christ is in our midst!

Following are reflections on the Dormition of the Mother of God as we look forward to the Dormition Fast:

From the Antiochian Women of North America:

The Church Fathers have written that we should remember three things every day: the Lord Jesus Christ, our Baptism and the remembrance of the day of our death.

Realizing none of us knows the day or hour of our death, we must still be prepared when the Lord comes. Whether at His Second Coming or when we breathe our last breath here and go to be with Him.

Preparation is needed for our last days and, as mentioned, most of us do not know how long we will be on this earth. Any day could be our last. Due to illness, some are made aware of the probable time left.

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Selections from The Life of the Virgin Mary, the Theotokos, published by Holy Apostles Convent and Dormition Skete


It was the Lord’s day, and the fifteenth day of the month of August, when that blessed hour that all were awaiting drew near. It was the third hour of the day (9:00 a.m.). In the room a number of lamps were burning. The holy Apostles were offering praise to God. Upon a beautifully adorned bed, the Theotokos was lying and preparing herself for her blessed end when her beloved Son and Lord would come to her. She then greeted each Apostle with a blessing.

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Meditation on Benefits of Prayer — Metropolitan ALEXIOS of Atlanta

In my recent reading, I came across this beautiful explanation of the benefits of prayer, which I feel is a great help to us all. According to St. Ephraim the Syrian,

“Virtues are formed by prayer.
Prayer preserves temperance.
Prayer suppresses anger.
Prayer prevents emotions of pride and envy.
Prayer draws into the soul the Holy Spirit,
and raises man to Heaven.”

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Pentecost Meditation from Metropolitan NICHOLAS

My Beloved in Christ,

Oftentimes when we go to bed at night or get up in the morning we are checking our schedules in order to understand what our next day will hold in store for us.

We check our appointments; we look at the holiday schedule; we consider where we will go for our next meeting; we ask our spouse or our children if they have anything planned; and sometimes we even figure out what we will do for lunch before we leave our house.

When we consider how we live our lives, I think it is fair to say that we usually find ourselves living according to how we were brought up as well as according to how our own personal life experiences have changed us. We receive something from our homes and something from the world in which we live.

Unfortunately, too often we do not consider how our lives should be changed and perfected based on the message of the Gospel. We have scheduled so many things in our daily lives that we have forgotten to include the reality of the Church outside of our private homes.

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A Mother’s Prayer for her Child/Children

O Holy Father, eternal God, from Whom all goodness and blessings flow, I humbly pray to Thee for the child that has been given unto me. Preserve my child/children in grace and sanctify him/her/them, that Thy Holy Name may be hallowed in him/her/them. Guide me in Thy Grace that I may bring him/her/them up for the glory of Thy Holy Name and for the benefit of mankind. Grant me the necessary means for this work, patience and fortitude. O Lord, enlighten my child/children by the light of Thy wisdom that he/she/they may learn to love Thee with all their soul and thoughts. Read more