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Welcome Bishop ANTHONY Celebrating the Feast of St. Nicholas

Between pastoral visits to St. Elias, LaCrosse, WI, for their 100th Anniversary on December 1-2, 2012, and St. Nicholas, Grand Rapids, MI, December 8-9, Saidna ANTHONY was able to pass through Madison just in time to celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas with a Hierarchical Vesperal Liturgy the evening of December 5.  We were overjoyed to host Saidna in Madison for a couple of days where he could take a little rest between his pastoral visits and celebrate the memory of this great Saint of the Christian Church.  The evening was highlighted with the celebration of Holy Communion with a wonderfully prepared dinner following the Divine Liturgy.


Saidna took some time to field questions from those present, questions relating to the state of the Orthodox Episcopacy in America, to the topic evolution, to the important issue of working with our children, especially regarding friendships in the world and the finding of faith compatability in potential spouses.  Saidna preached at the liturgy on the Gospel of St. John chapter 10 and the life of the active Christian as demonstrated by St. Nicholas: Bishop ANTHONY part 1, Bishop ANTHONY part 2, Bishop ANTHONY part 3Bishop ANTHONY part 4.  It was also a special celebration because we were almost one year to the day of the first anniversary of Saidna's consecration to the episcopacy.  We look forward to Saidna's next visit sometime in 2013.  May God grant him many years!