COVID-19 Policies

In a letter from Metropolitan JOSEPH, dated June 26, 2020 the Metropolitan directed that – “The parish priest and parish councils have a responsibility to monitor the situation in their local areas and apply the Archdiocesan directives and local health ordinances with the utmost faithfulness and care.” As it is our objective to comply with all Archdiocesan and local guidelines [Madison & Dane County Order 12/15/20] and to create an atmosphere at St. Ignatius that makes everyone feel as comfortable as possible with regard to concerns over COVID-19 so they will attend services and receive the sacraments, the parish council will immediately implement the following to bring us into compliance with His Eminence’s directive.

1. Required Signage to be Posted

a. “Masks Required” signs, as provided by Dane County on their website, with a list of the exemption have been posted on the doors to the church.

b. Other appropriate signage provided by the County and State has been posted in the narthex providing education on Social Distancing, and Protective Measures for respiratory illness.

2. Masks have been made available to those who need them.

3. Written policies for Hygiene, Cleaning, and Protective Measures have been developed based on templates from Dane County. These policies have been posted on the door to the maintenance closet in the narthex.

4. Social distancing: The Sub- deacon who calls parishioners to enter the line for receiving Communion will be mindful of appropriate spacing for social distancing and will attempt to foster that in his summons. The same will be done for the final blessing.

5. Claudia Riedel will send an email to all parishioners, notifying them that we are starting a Prayer List that will be sent to the entire parish for the purpose of encouraging everyone to pray for those in need in our community. Those requesting prayers are to send their requests to Claudia, she will add only first names to the list, and once a month send it out to the congregation.