Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) University of Wisconsin – Madison

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship is active and energetic on the campus of the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  The group meets weekly at the Lutheran Campus Center (the corner of University Ave. & Mills St.,) Tuesday evening, 6:30pm-8:30pm.  All are welcome.

The UW-Madison OCF has been developing it’s program over approximately the last ten years under the leadership of its spiritual adviser and priest of St. Ignatius Church, the V. Rev. Fr. Patrick Kinder.  Of recent history, Rich & Hollie Benton (both graduates of St. Vladimir’s Seminary) spent several years as lay advisers to the OCF, working creatively to develop the OCF’s weekly program of activities which include one monthly Vespers Service on campus, lively discussions, guest speakers, social activities and service projects.  The Bentons were also instrumental in helping connect Madis0n’s two Orthodox communities, St. Ignatius and Assumption GOC (Fr. Michael Vanderhoef, pastor), with the OCF ministry and the students of the OCF with Madison’s local Orthodox communities.

Currently students try to attend church together one Sunday a month at each church.  In addition, the students are also very conscientious about attending special services throughout both the fall and spring semesters.  Both parishes feel blessed to have these students in their churches and have done many special things to express their love, including providing rides to church, offering care packages during finals week, and maybe most generously, providing weekly meals for the students when they meet at the LCC.  The churches and students definitely hold each other in deep appreciation.

Since the Benton’s graduation and departure in the fall of 2010, Fr. Gregory Jensen has stepped in to provide a regular advisory role, and along with new lay adviser, Robert Seidel, the OCF continues on a very healthy path providing the opportunity for our Orthodox Christian student community to have a place to stay connected to their faith during the important and formative years of college.

If you have any questions, please contact Fr. Patrick at the church, (608) 273-0133, or through the e-mail contact on this web site.