Re-issuing cassettes in CD format…

In 1987 Rick Michaels (now Bishop ANTHONY, Antiochian Auxiliary of Toledo), Alan Shanbour (now Fr. Michael) and Pat Kinder (now Fr. Patrick) took the Christian folk music they began writing at the Antiochian Village to a studio in Nashville, TN, to record the first of their three recording projects, entitled “Coming Home.”  In 1989 the three St. Vladimir’s Seminary graduates entered the studio again to record their second project, “Family & Friends.”  With the encouragement of some old friends it was suggested that effort be made to re-release the old KERYGMA projects on Compact Disc (CD).  The first CD project, a double album CD of the first two projects, was released June 27, 2012.

In 1992, Rick and Patrick entered the studio of Bill Elias (St. George, Akron, OH,) to self-produce KERYGMA’s third recording project, “In the Heart of God.”  The transfer of this cassette to CD will come soon after the release of Coming Home and Family & Friends.  It will include five songs from a rare live recording of a 1989 KERYGMA concert hosted by Sts. Peter & Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church, in Bethsda, MD.  The live songs will include the full version of “Best Friends,” previously unrecorded song, “Goodbye for the Last Time,” an early “Rick & Alan” song, “Elijah,” as well as KERYGMA favorites “Coming Home” and “The Gardener” (with story told by Rick).

St. Ignatius of Antioch Antiochian Orthodox Church, Madison, WI, with funds raised from the sale of their “Akathist of Thanksgiving” CD, graciously offered to provide the financial start for KERYGMA to produce these CDs and we are deeply grateful!  PLEASE SEE ORDERING INFORMATION BELOW.  We are excited to once again share this music for our old supporters and now for the children of the kids who grew up with KERYGMA in the early years of Antiochian Village.  Maybe one day there will be an opportunity to share a small, live sampling of our music at a regional conference or national convention, or even more special, on the grounds of our own holy mountain, the Antiochian Village.

PROJECT SONG TITLES (click highlighted for samples)

“COMING HOME”:  In Him,  Like Great Drops of Blood (You Gave Yourself),  Abba, Father,  On the Cross,  Coming Home,  Silent Cry,  A Kingdom of Children, Truth’s Freedom,  The Gardener,

“FAMILY & FRIENDS”:  That Old Black Bible,  Before It’s Too Late,  The Angel’s Song,  Unconditional Friend,  The Warmth of a Smile,  Only Time Will Tell,  The Blessing,  Learn to Turn,  Your Love Remains The Same,  Best Friends

“IN THE HEART OF GOD”: (check back later)


Ordering information for KERYGMA Double Album CD:  “Coming Home” and “Family & Friends” – Released 7/12

1-3 CDs           $15.00/CD + 12% S+H

4-9 CDs           $12.00/CD + 12% S+H

10+ CDs          $9.00/CD +   10% S+H

Please mail your order with check made to KERYGMA:

2124 Shafer Dr
Fitchburg WI 53711

We will do our best to fill all orders ASAP!  Thank you for your support and for allowing us to once again share our music with you.

MP3 Downloads and also CDs are now available through CD Baby: and soon through other e-sources such as i-tunes, etc.